Common questions

Common questions 


To change reservation must do so up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period, by email: or contact +351 296 684 466
The rental includes price with VAT at the standard rate in force, insurance CDW (Basic) with the respective deductibles established by each segment, car cleaning, unlimited kilometers.
You will receive a confirmation email from Atlantic Secrets, with the details of your reservation.
The proof is sent after payment is formalized. If the payment has already been confirmed and you have not yet received your proof, you should contact us at
The credit card is obligatory to make the reservation and proceed to the survey of the car, if you choose basic and medium insurance. The credit card must be in the name of the main driver or the additional driver, provided that he is present at the act of picking up the vehicle. If you opt for premium insurance you do not need a credit card, as this insurance reduces the deductible to 0 euros.
You can book additional extras Online at the time of booking the car, or directly at the time of pick-up of the car (subject to availability).
Atlantic Secrets only makes confirmations regarding the category of the vehicle.
The mandatory minimum age is 19 years for categories A and B. Since for category C the driver must be at least 22 years old. It is safeguarded that for all drivers between the ages of 19 and 22 years it is necessary to purchase an extra young driver.
Atlantic Secrets offers unlimited mileage.
Yes, as long as you meet the requirements. Just fill in the details while you are booking.


The fuel policy is Full to Full, ie the vehicle is delivered with full deposit and must be returned under the same conditions. If not, a refueling service charge will apply.
The car can only be driven by the reservation holder and the contract. You can include an additional driver for your rental.
First, park the car in a safe place. Adopt the necessary security measures, such as the placement of the signal (rectangle) and use the reflective vest. Our vehicles contain a spare tire where you can make the replacement. However, if you need to, you can contact the travel assistance number in the vehicle documents folder. You can always call Atlantic Secrets for questions.
The franchise amounts vary between € 300 and € 1800 depending on the type of rental car.
Pets are allowed in our rental cars. Even if there is no fee applied for the transport of animals, their owners will be responsible for any damages or dirt for the transportation of them.

Vehicle Survey / Return

In order to proceed with your rental you must be accompanied by the confirmation voucher of your reservation, passport or identification document and driving license.
Yes, the Customer will have to pay € 1 for each kilometer of distance from the place of the station to the place where he left it.
The vehicle must be returned at the station where it was received or at a different location if agreed with Atlantic Secrets.